As a 6’3” American Born Chinese artist and photographer, I believe my experience of being born and raised in the U.S. while also retaining close ties to my cultural roots has allowed me to develop a unique perspective on both cultures, my identity, and photographs. As a child I always felt different, not because I was and am extremely tall for being Asian 6’3’’, but I was always labeled as “Chinese” by my friends and peers in the United States, while in China, I was viewed as “American”. There didn’t seem to be a middle ground or gray space where I could slip into, it was one or the other. However, as I grew and continue to grow older, I realize that I didn’t need to choose one, rather, I can create and define my own identity. 

Floating between New York & Shanghai.
For project inquiries or to say hello please e-mail: or add me on WeChat/微信: beejamest